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Renovation update

I have had the pleasure of working with commercial realtor Bucky Beeman before, and as I blew through my former home of Rochester, MN, I hit him up to see if there was anything different I could get my hands on while I was back. He did not disappoint and Bucky has a variety of exciting projects he is working on, including this renovation I was very excited to photograph. An older downtown property that has been completely empty since the 50's (which if you know Rochester real estate that is crazy), and was previously used as business offices back in the early 20 through the 40's. This building is beautiful little hide-away right in the heart of downtown.

The renovation is in full swing and my job was to just grab some progress shots for their website. You can see from the current listing exactly how much work has gone into the updates already since I photographed it! It’s an incredible property with lots of opportunity for business offices right downtown. - current listing, and more details here.

To reach Bucky - (507) 289-8000 -

Tech stuff -

Canon 6D with a 85mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/2

Edited in post with Camera Raw in Bridge and Photoshop CS6

Location - 1st Ave SW - Rochester, MN

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