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It's FALL!!!

Ok so this is by far the best season of the year, my husband loves Spring and his favorite holiday is Christmas but I am all about Fall and Halloween!!!

I have mini sessions coming up this weekend and to inspire those getting ready for them I sent out a inspiration board of ideas for whats on trend this season. Plum, Navy, and Burgundy are a big hit this year and so is the usual over-sized sweater and plaid shirt. Pair with fun boats or flats and a cute scarf you have a perfect pumpkin patch look.

So I used to use a app/program called Polyvore, come to find out that is no longer around (sad face), seriously it was awesome. Basically gave you the ability to make mood/inspo boards from anything you could find online, add text, overlap images it was amazing. Well as of spring 2018 it got shut down and there is isn't much out there now that makes the same kinda thing until I stumbled upon they are a board creative service that works as a chrome extensive which makes my life easier. You create an account and then drag and drop as you go online, there are going to be restrictions with certain images of course but you design the template as you go. So far I love it and to get a basic account it's completely FREE!! You can unlock amazing features when you sign up for premium though so I will see how much I continue to use this service and keep you posted.


copyright - google image search under these categories

pumpkin patch


apple orchard

oversized sweater

fall boots

men's shoes

burgundy pants

teenager fall look

dad fall look

burnt orange scarf

plaid shirt

skinny jeans

tan pants

khaki jacket

plum shirt

mens jeans

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