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Freelensing with Ella

Our sweet kitty Ella needs to know what is happening at all times, as well as destroying everything she gets her paws on so she had to get involved when we bought new flowers for fall.

I tried a technic called freelensing, I've dabbled in this before, but the light was bursting through the window, and I had these beautiful flowers, and a curious kitty so I figured why not give it another go. Basically you physically remove the lens from the body of your camera and use your view finder to try and hone in on the focus of your subject. It's tricky and produced a really unique result where you get spots of focus and then these layers of blur and bokeh. By the end of the session Ella's desire to cause mischief took over and I grabbed a few sweet shots of her and the flowers too.

I used my go to Canon 6D and 85mm f/1.4


#freelensing #creativephotography #artistic #fineartphotography #photographytechnics #emilybougheyphotography #catphotography #macro #flowerphotography

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