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Blair, Rodney & Kyus

I reached out to some of my incredible clients to squeeze them in for sessions while I was in MN, it was so much fun and it was great to fire up the camera and refresh the portfolio.

Blair and Rodney have been long time friends of mine and when they said their son Kyus was turning 2, how could I resist but go to the park and capture some fun photos together, I mean they make my job easy!!

Location - Silverlake Park - Rochester, MN

As far as the techy stuff - I shot using a Canon 6D with a 85mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/2

Edited in post with Camera Raw in Bridge and Photoshop CS6


#rochestermn #mnphotography #photographyblog #familysession #emilybougheyphotography #canon #cnyphotographer

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