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Adirondack Adventure

This was our first time visiting the Adirondacks and honestly it was amazing. Ben planned it out so we went on what's considered peak season for the leaves changing. It really was beautiful, the weather was slightly overcast and there was a fall chill in the air, it was honestly full of color everywhere.

The first part of our stop was lunch, we stopped at a local diner in Old Forge, NY. We then journeyed onward into the mountains and stopped at the Rocky Mountain Trail-head and ventured through a thick damp forest. Ben and I were not planning on hiking, so our shoe wear was not prepared for how rocky and slick the landscape was so we didn't quite make it to the summit). However we had an incredible time exploring the area, and I captured some great shots of the environment.

One of the greatest things about this trip though, was meeting a fun group of ladies that have a tradition of hiking this trail every year, and taking a ridiculous group photo together. Of course when they asked if we'd grab a few photos of them, I couldn't resist. They proceeded to pull out these rubber animal masks and needless to say we all broke into quite a bit of laughter. They were such a riot to hang with and it was really fun meeting them. It turned out they were from Syracuse too which was a pretty cool coincidence.

I will say you can easily venture further into these mountains and experience the really high peaks too - we actually ended up travelling for over 7 hours round trip (which was not planned). If you’re considering a visit to this area I think regardless of the season it is breathtaking and you NEED to go!

Enjoy the below images from our trip.

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